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The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Conversations tend to be more effective than presentations.

The Perfect Elevator Pitch

There are two ways to structure an elevator pitch.

The first and most common approach is to highlight what you have to offer by rattling off a list of embellished features and benefits. It's a one-sided story, sprung on unsuspecting prospects with no regard for personal relevance, that epitomises everything that people hate about marketing.

This is the quintessential, old-school salesperson who hustles from door to door, unloading encyclopedias, pressure cookers, and other unsolicited bric-a-brac.

It's the frenzied telemarketer who launches into their cellular contract script with amphetamine-fuelled gusto without bothering to check if you even have a cellphone.

It's the creep at the networking event who invades your personal space just long enough to shell out their business card before moving on to their next victim.

The alternative approach is to hear what others need by inviting them to share their story. It's a segue to a conversation, not bait for a presentation.

The perfect pitch is a question.