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More Isn't Enough

Celebrate small wins, but make sure they lead to your end game.

More Isn't Enough

Most business owners want more.

• More customers.

• More money.

• More time.

The problem with "more" is that it justifies inconsequential gains.

• How much difference will one more customer make?

• How much value will your business extract from one more Rand?

• How much freedom will you enjoy from one more minute?

The pursuit of "more" can degenerate into an odyssey of insatiable success because the procession of small wins never feels like enough. You know you're further ahead than where you were, but don't know how close you are to where you want to be, because you never sat down to work out what you actually want.

Probably a good idea, then, to define "enough".

• How many customers are enough to achieve your growth targets?

• How much money is enough to be financial independent?

• How much time is enough to enjoy your ideal lifestyle?

More isn't automatically enough, but it can help you get there. And once you're there, you can decide whether you want more than enough.