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Hello, World!

There are many business management resources, but few that focus on how you can scale your business and achieve financial freedom.

Hello, World!

Hello, world! Growth Surge is born.

Since Greig and I started collaborating in 2004, we’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs. A consistently strong theme throughout, whether at “light touch” workshops or deeper consulting and business coaching, is that almost no-one is supporting the business owner.

Although there is indirect support, it’s invariably in the context of growing or fixing the business. Even in business / executive coaching, almost all coaches I know – including me, until now – engage through the business case and ROI of improving the business as the end-goal.

This makes no sense when we hear almost every entrepreneur's story: you started your own business to make a bigger difference and earn greater rewards as an entrepreneur than as an employee with your wings clipped inside someone else’s business. But almost no-one is looking after the owner’s wealth as the end objective.

In Growth Surge, Greig and I have now formally combined our specialisations from Evergrow and ProMentor to fill this gaping chasm.

Our goal is to help you strategise and project manage scaling up your business for your financial freedom. That means we will always frame you front and centre. Your business may be your passion, but ultimately, it’s a means to an end.

So this “Hello, world” moment holds many metaphors. Just as it’s a popular concept programmers use as a proof of life test for a new system, so we see each evolution in your business coming to life. As with the sweet triumph of achieving the “Hello, world” milestone when learning a new coding language, so it’s a mark of your success in growing your capabilities as an entrepreneur. And like the time to reach “Hello, world” is a measure of a system’s ease of use or a programmer’s proficiency, we strive for early and frequent moments of success.

But as meaningful as these metaphors are, there’s one that is far more profound. The “Hello, world” program was first used around 1973 and, despite it being far from adequate as a contemporary test, it still has relevance and widespread, popular use today. That’s a powerful legacy that few might have predicted when this cartoon-inspired phrase was conceived nearly 50 years ago.

Every "Hello, world" event comes with this deep background – we feel awe and pride in our unveiling of Growth Surge.

But it’s not just about us. As chuffed as we are for our own start-up, we’d be honoured to play a supporting role in your sweet success.

Here’s to your many “Hello, world” moments to come.